Plan your next trip and discover Spain through its gastronomy

There are many ways to discover a country. We can read about its history, participate in the folclore, be captivated by the art, admire the landscapes, talk to its people, in essence, enjoy its culture.

We propose to discover Spain through its gastronomic culture, because it is a social meeting point, it defines our identity and will seduce your senses.

We hope to help you to plan your trip, know what to visit, where to eat and finally get to know the most important Spanish products: the wine and the olive oil

The wine is a part from our ordinary life and celebrations, that’s why it is important to know the Spanish wine in every facet to get to know us. In this section you will get to know more about the Spanish wine, its varieties, its denominations of origin and our selection of wineries.

The olive oil is the essence of the Spanish cuisine and the indispensable ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. This section will help you to develop a taste for olive oil and show you how to differentiate a high-quality good olive oil.